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We take the guesswork out of shopping. We represent carriers that are among the top rated insurance companies in the nation. We will help guide you through the process of selecting the best options for your specific needs.

Insurance premiums are regulated on a state level, therefore, our price is the same exact price you can expect to pay with the same company; regardless of the agent/broker.

We shop the top rated insurance companies to ensure you get the best possible value. We aim to provide the best experience possible and make insurance shopping easy. We appreciate the opportunity to serve each and every client and we will work hard to earn your business. Call us today, or get your free quote online (action button).

A beneficiary is the person (can also be a business or trust) that you designate will receive the proceeds of your death benefit upon your passing.

Everyone can benefit from life insurance. Whether your beneficiary is your spouse, or a trust specifically designed for your estate, these proceeds are crucial to allow your family to live at the same standard of living you were able to provide. Simply put, no one is better off without life insurance protection..

Life insurance is not considered income, therefore not taxable. There are circumstances when the death benefit can be taxed under estate taxes, however, there are ways to mitigate this with proper estate planning.

Yes, you may have multiple life insurance policies. The maximum amount of coverage you can qualify for is generally calculated based on age and income. With most carriers your death benefit should not exceed 30 times your gross annual income.

Needs vary from person to person. A good rule of thumb is 10 times your annual income, as a minimum. When securing life insurance for the sole purpose to replace your income in the event of your untimely passing, your age will play a large role in this calculation. We have an online calculator here (link to calculator). If you want a more personalized assessment, feel free to call us at 888 403 5502.

Also referred to as risk categories. Several factors can change which category you can qualify for, and these guidelines vary between companies. For example, because you qualify for Preferred Plus (best rates) at one company, it doesn’t guarantee all carriers will underwrite you in the same manner. We help navigate through companies unique underwriting criteria to match you with the best carrier for you.

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