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Why KellyQuotes?

First and foremost, we work for you. All services we offer our clients are free of charge; insurance companies pay us! We are an independent agency, not owned or operated by any insurance company. This allows us to shop the market without bias to deliver the best possible value for you.

Term Life Insurance:

We will concentrate on Guaranteed Level Term. There several types of Term Life, however Guaranteed Level is in our opinion the best type of term coverage. This is because it guarantees your premium for a specified period of time.

Guaranteed Level Term is adequate for most portfolios. The most common need for this type of coverage is income replacement. This offers protection during your family’s most vulnerable time: your working years. It is designed to secure a guaranteed rate (level term) for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or even 35 years. You’re able to select term lengths to fit your needs. You use this type of insurance, most commonly, to bridge the gap between your career onset and retirement. Term coverage remains the most cost effective way to secure life insurance. We will help you shop, click below.

Universal Life Insurance:

This type of insurance is a permanent solution that carries a lower cost than Whole Life; we will go into this type below. Universal Life is most commonly used for Estate Planning purposes or simply for those whom refuse to buy temporary term insurance. In the event your estate is subject to Estate Taxes, or you prefer to secure protection with a guaranteed premium for life, this is the most cost effective solution for permanent life insurance.

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Whole Life Insurance

This is a great option for those whom want to secure the necessary protection their family deserves, while also having the option of building cash value. For those that max out their 401k, or just simply cannot accept the idea of “renting” Term Life insurance, this is for you. It carriers a higher cost than the two types of insurance outlined above, but gives you peace of mind for protection as well as wealth preservation.

Disability Insurance

What is your biggest asset? “My house” or “My investments” likely come to mind; these are very common responses. Your biggest asset is, simply: your ability to earn a paycheck. While Social Security Disability benefits are a safety net for all whom contributed the minimum requirements, it’s not enough for most. The average disability benefit for 2018 is only $1,197 per month.(1)

This is hardly enough to pay a mortgage, car payments, tuition, etc. This type of insurance is most valuable for all considering that 25% of us will become disabled before retirement.(2)

This could leave you without the ability to earn the necessary income to keep your family’s standard of living consistent with which their not only accustomed, but deserving. Protect your income, let us show you how.

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(1) https://www.ssa.gov/news/press/factsheets/colafacts2018.pdf

(2) https://www.ssa.gov/disabilityfacts/facts.html

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