How It Works


Get Connected: Select your Providers.

After completing your Health Profile, select your providers. Don’t have one? Check out ratings and reviews from others to find the perfect fit. With a comprehensive list of providers, specialists, and non-traditional providers you can create your virtual medical home. If your provider’s office subscribes, you can request appointments, complete forms prior to a visit, and even send secure messaging. After you select your provider, they will have secure access to your data when your device or code is scanned. At the office, your provider can edit and verify your Health Profile to ensure accuracy.

If your provider doesn’t subscribe, let them know. When everyone is connected, health can be improved.

Share in Numerous Ways.

With AmbiHealth, sharing your health information has never been easier. You can choose multiple different ways. Using a device with Near Field Communication (NFC) capability, your phone can securely transmit your data. Don’t feel comfortable with that? Scan a QR code directly from the app or your Google/Apple Wallet. Don’t have a smart phone? That’s okay too. AmbiHealth will mail you a Health Profile Card with your unique QR code imprinted to allow access.

If you just want to print off you Health Profile or Care Plan, it can easily be generated and shared with whomever you desire.

You can make profiles for your children or dependents as well. You can also grant access and use of your Health Profile to other individuals if they serve as your power of attorney or other legal representative.

Register and Build your Health Profile.

Easily enter basic information such as name, date of birth, and an emergency contact and number. Then, select any allergies, medical conditions and any medications you take as needed or on a regular basis. Don’t know your medical conditions or medications? No sweat. If your provider is a user, they can fill out and verify the information entered.

If desired, family history can be filled out or saved for another time.

The best part- fill out your health profile and access it anytime for free.

Upload Important Documents.

Want to securely store important health-related documents such as care plans or advance directives? Need to share a form with your providers for review? It’s possible with AmbiHealth. These documents can be uploaded securely to our servers for access anywhere, anytime. In addition, these documents can be seen by providers who scan your code, even in emergency situations to improve the quality and accuracy of care provided. You can’t predict the future, so be prepared for the unknown and avoid unnecessary testing or procedures.

Oh, and each time someone accesses your Health Profile for an emergency the user, location, and time are all logged for your peace of mind. You can even set up notifications for family members to be notified when emergencies arise, and summon emergency services to your location.

With AmbiHealth, you and your family members can rest easy knowing your health is a priority and that your information is secure and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Provider, Care Coordinator, or Social Worker?