Welcome To AmbiHealth. We provide a solution to the healthcare problem.

A way to control your health information in one simple place.

For far too long Health Information has been decidedly unilateral. Now, the tables have turned.

Build your Health Profile.

A secure place to store all of your Health Information; easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Communicate Efficiently.

Share your Health Information more accurately, safely, and quickly with providers and emergency personnel. Depending on your provider’s office, you can even schedule and communicate with them anytime.

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Get involved in your healthcare with a platform that makes it easy to track goals, learn about health, and connects you to resources to improve your well-being.

Be Empowered.

Trey Williams, MD

Founder, AmbiHealth

AmbiHealth will elevate your participation in your healthcare. By making you an active participant, you will be empowered with control over your health information and can take steps towards more safe and bidirectional care.

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